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Treatment of thinness, the problem of thin, ways to increase the weight

Keywords: treatment of thin thinness / weight gain / ways to increase the weight / slim / skinnyThin

Keywords: treatment of thin thinness / weight gain / ways to increase the weight / slim / skinny

What is thin?

Can be described as a skinny person when the body mass index with less than 18.5.

Thin reasons:

There are many reasons for the injury thin, we recall some of them:

Wrong food habits acquired since childhood.
Genetic reasons.
To follow special diets to lose weight and continue to the extent access to thin and then the inability to recover normal weight.

Infection with certain organic diseases ... such as:
Hyperthyroidism the thyroid gland.
Severe anemia.
Some diseases of the digestive system that prevent absorption of digested food.
Incidence of certain tumors or Kenting to remedy them.

Some mental illnesses ... such as:
Severe depression, which causes loss of appetite.
Mania, which makes a patient does not feel hungry.
Anorexia nervosa.
Bulimia nervosa.

Treatment of thinness:

Difficult for the slim increase in weight compared to the ordinary person or a weight, and this is due to genes inherited or due to increased metabolic rate or burning food for him, or because it has fewer fat cells, or due to increased length or simply because he is not keen on eating.
It must therefore be of ongoing work and not to the boredom of attempts.
Require the victim thin strong medical advice to make sure it is free from disease-causing thinner and then treated, Valmassab anemia, for example needs for special tests to determine the cause of poverty and treatable, it was because of lack of iron given iron pills, which make up the shortfall, but if because of severe bleeding during the menstrual cycle , then Ms. need for treatment by a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology to determine the cause heavy bleeding and treatment.
As well as for infected excessive thyroid gland is a need for an analysis of the level of hormones, blood, and appropriate treatment to inhibit the hormone high.
After ensuring the safety of thin organic diseases and physical therapy comes the role of nutrition and regular exercise to reach a normal weight.

Some important tips to gain weight:

Review nutrition specialist, which calculates the calories needed by the person for weight, length and sex, weight and activity, which raised it wants a week.
Proposals follow the food pyramid in the quotas that must be taken daily as follows:
1. 3-5 servings of vegetables.
2. 2-4 servings of fruit.
3. 2-3 servings of milk and dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese.
4. 6-11 servings of bread, cereals, rice and pasta.
5. 2-3 servings of meat, fish and legumes.
6. Used fats, oils and sweets in moderation and in small quantities.

Quotas can be defined thus:

- A share of the bread and cereal group is equal to a slice of bread or half cup of cooked rice or pasta.
- Share of vegetables is equal to half a cup of vegetables or one medium orange or apple or medium-sized three-quarters of a cup of juice.
- A share of milk set equal to a cup of milk.
- A share of meat is equal to a small piece of meat or chicken or fish or a cup and a half of cooked beans.

· Prefer to eat small meals and multiple meals instead of large and small, for example, needs to slender three meals a President and three small meals, one between breakfast and lunch and the second between lunch and dinner and the last before going to sleep.
· Eat foods rich in energy as a mixture with the milk fruit "cocktail" and a private cocktail bananas, Kalaftaúr pastries and cakes.
· Start the meal Batabq President and delayed power and fruit of the last meal.
Eat fruits and vegetables, which are essential to supply the body with vitamins and minerals essential for health.
Eat some of the desserts at the end of each meal or replace the sandwich of cream and jam or honey.
· Add margarine to foods when cooking, so as to increase the calories in food.
· Add olive oil to the authorities.
· Add the milk and honey to hot drinks.
Eat nuts and dried fruits in snacks or add them to power and rice.
· Drinking a glass of milk with lunch and dinner.
· Add grated cheese to the rice, pasta and cheese cubes of white power.
· Eating with the company of friendly and outdoor.
· The use of butter or margarine on sandwiches Bdehnha when it is prepared before placing the cheese or peanut butter and jam or honey added after that.
· Drinking whole milk or that the multiplier and add to attend third cup of skimmed milk powder to a cup of whole milk, it contains fewer calories than whole milk by 50% and the amount of protein, twice the full-fat milk.
· Avoid drinking water during meals because it weakens the digestive enzymes and hinders the process of digestion, as well as that fills the stomach and makes the slim feel full quickly.
· Chewing food slowly enough.
· Change in an attempt to expel the food boredom.
· Exercise regularly sport strengthens muscles and makes weight gain is concentrated in the muscle rather than fat gain as it opens the appetite and reduce the impact of stress on public health.
· Altarh of the sun is better health and opens the appetite.
· Consult a doctor for the use of certain enriched grain or vitamins and minerals in the case of inadequate diets in this respect.
· Try to avoid as much as possible from the stress and problems that weaken the appetite and thus decrease the weight.

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