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Beauty Spa Eye (Eyebath)

Beauty Spa Eye (Eyebath)

Beauty Spa Eye (Eyebath)Bath the eyes .. Is a particular wash Bmhaleil .. By placing the solution in the pot, and lighten the eyes several times in this container.These baths work to improve the situation of vision, and increase the moisture and freshness of the eyes.There are many types of fluids used in the work of these baths such as:Fresh apple juice.Fresh carrot juice.

(144)Rose water.Salt solution.Cold water.Rose water to beautify the eyes:Add a tablespoon of rose water to a bowl filled with cold water, and the solution used to wash the eyes.Salt solution to wash the eyes:Uses a saline solution diluted in the work of the bathroom .. Let it by adding a teaspoon of salt to a liter of water.Cold water:Can rely on the cold water without any additions to wash the eyes.Fill the cup with cold water, and soak it one of the eyes, and open and close twice, then lifted his head back, and re-wash the eye itself. Then repeat for the other eye taking into account the water renewal of the cup.Compresses nutritious herbsAnd outlined for the eyesThe following herbs are used in the work drenched (tea) is used in compresses to the eye .. This compresses a natural tonic to the eye (Eye tonics), it also works on the purity and freshness of the skin around the eyes.And works drenched grass weeds put in a bowl or cup by boiling water (according to the following amounts) and then cover the pot and leave for 20 minutes, soaked and then filtered, and is used in the work piece by cotton compresses or medical gauze.(145)Grass How to use the method of preparationChamomile fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesAmber fill the hands of a handful added to 285 ml boiling water compressesElderflower fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesEyebright fill the spoon sweets are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesGolden seal fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesKhatmih fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compresses
Bermh eye care:(146)Castor oilCastor oil is one of the best natural materials to take care of Bermh eye .. If what is the use of a thin layer of paint eyelashes on a daily basis every evening came with excellent results show an increase in thickness and length of lashes.You Municipal congregation:Of the best natural means to beautify the eyes and eyelashes made from the use of kohl «gum Aldkr» .. It is said that kohl made from dates' stones strengthens eyelashes eyes.Tosrovi not in use «Maskrey»!To care for the safety of the eyes should avoid the use of «Maskrey» because it harms the safety of the eyelids and eyelashes, and their use should be avoided completely in cases of the appearance of any symptoms indicating the sensitivity of the make-up cosmetics such as eye redness or irritation of the eyelids.

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