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Beauty without makeup

Beauty without makeup
300 and a recipe from your natural beauty experts
Hair, skin and nails, eyes and teeth

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Content of this book


Beauty without makeup

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Fruits and vegetables
Herbs and plants
Means a beauty in your kitchen
25 essential oils
The art of health care and the beauty of hair
Types of feeling and ways to take care of
Hair Nutrition
Liquid shampoos
Dry shampoos
Rinse hair
To Sion and supplements for hair
Balsam and stabilizers
Hair dyes
Art beauty care face and skin
Types of leather and how to care for the
Nourish the skin
Moisturizing cream
Creams cleaned
Pharmaceutical nutrients and refreshing and Holding
Cleansers Rub (itching)
Pulp and To Sion for removing freckles
Use of milk for skin care
Beauty masks (Catcher)
Art Beauty body preparations Nature
Baths Oils
Herbal baths
Vinegar baths
111 milk baths
Recipes from natural oils to paint the body
Make your own soap to clean and beautify the skin
Care of the beauty of the neck 120
Beauty hands and nails
Beauty and pain feet by the
Recipes selected to the beauty of your eyes
Beauty mouth, teeth and lips
Recipes for the preparation of perfumes
Paints for the treatment of sunburn
Oils to prevent skin damage from exposure to the sun

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Beauty Spa Eye (Eyebath)

Beauty Spa Eye (Eyebath)

Beauty Spa Eye (Eyebath)Bath the eyes .. Is a particular wash Bmhaleil .. By placing the solution in the pot, and lighten the eyes several times in this container.These baths work to improve the situation of vision, and increase the moisture and freshness of the eyes.There are many types of fluids used in the work of these baths such as:Fresh apple juice.Fresh carrot juice.

(144)Rose water.Salt solution.Cold water.Rose water to beautify the eyes:Add a tablespoon of rose water to a bowl filled with cold water, and the solution used to wash the eyes.Salt solution to wash the eyes:Uses a saline solution diluted in the work of the bathroom .. Let it by adding a teaspoon of salt to a liter of water.Cold water:Can rely on the cold water without any additions to wash the eyes.Fill the cup with cold water, and soak it one of the eyes, and open and close twice, then lifted his head back, and re-wash the eye itself. Then repeat for the other eye taking into account the water renewal of the cup.Compresses nutritious herbsAnd outlined for the eyesThe following herbs are used in the work drenched (tea) is used in compresses to the eye .. This compresses a natural tonic to the eye (Eye tonics), it also works on the purity and freshness of the skin around the eyes.And works drenched grass weeds put in a bowl or cup by boiling water (according to the following amounts) and then cover the pot and leave for 20 minutes, soaked and then filtered, and is used in the work piece by cotton compresses or medical gauze.(145)Grass How to use the method of preparationChamomile fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesAmber fill the hands of a handful added to 285 ml boiling water compressesElderflower fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesEyebright fill the spoon sweets are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesGolden seal fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compressesKhatmih fill in a few hands are added to 570 ml boiling water compresses
Bermh eye care:(146)Castor oilCastor oil is one of the best natural materials to take care of Bermh eye .. If what is the use of a thin layer of paint eyelashes on a daily basis every evening came with excellent results show an increase in thickness and length of lashes.You Municipal congregation:Of the best natural means to beautify the eyes and eyelashes made from the use of kohl «gum Aldkr» .. It is said that kohl made from dates' stones strengthens eyelashes eyes.Tosrovi not in use «Maskrey»!To care for the safety of the eyes should avoid the use of «Maskrey» because it harms the safety of the eyelids and eyelashes, and their use should be avoided completely in cases of the appearance of any symptoms indicating the sensitivity of the make-up cosmetics such as eye redness or irritation of the eyelids.

Beauty+ Spa +Eye+ (Eyebath)

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Beauty mouth, teeth and lips

Beauty mouth, teeth and lips

Beauty mouth, teeth and lipsSage powder to whiten teeth and perfuming the mouth:Ingredients:2 tbsp of fresh sage leaves.2 tbsp of salt.Preparation and use:Placed leaves and salt in a bowl and beats them a powerful machine (for example, shows the Huns) to make a paste. Then placed the dough in warm oven until solid. Then crushed
Again for the work of powder .. This powder and kept in a sealed bottle.

This preparation of effective pharmaceutical care for the health and beauty of the mouth .. He works to resist tooth decay (caries), yellowish teeth and removes stains and deposits it .. It is also a good mouth freshener.
Gargling salt and «Albekenj powder» to strengthen the gums and perfuming the mouth:Ingredients:3 tbsp of baking powder (baking powder).3 tbsp of salt.Preparation and use:Mixed powder, and salt mix well, and keep the mixture in a closed bottle. This product uses the Lye of the mouth (gargling) by adding a teaspoon to half a cup of warm water.Gargle will use this on a regular basis to strengthen the gums, as well as they scent the mouth.
Coating of the lips of honey:Ingredients:6 teaspoons pure honey.4 points Hossalban water.Preparation and use:Honey mixed with well water Alhsalban .. And the mixture is used in paint the lips before going to sleep .. This product is to lubricate the lips, and beautify, strengthen tissues.
Castor oil to refine and polish the lips:Ingredients:1 teaspoon castor oil.9 teaspoons of lanolin.Preparation and use:Mix ingredients well, and kept in a bottle ... Use a small amount of this mixture in the paint the lips.
Ash bread recipe for effective teeth whitening:Ingredients:A piece of bread or crackers.Teaspoon of honey bees.Preparation and use:Burn a piece of bread on the fire until completely black .. Then crushed to convert them into fine ashes .. This ash is mixed with honey to make a paste.This paste is used in dental scrubs. This recipe has remarkable result in tooth whitening and the removal of sediment and the various tints .. And Stlhzin it yourself after the first experiment.
Coating of beeswax for chapped lips:Ingredients:3 tablespoons honey grated small wax.3 teaspoons almond oil.
Preparation and use:Heated wax on low heat until it melts, then stir with oil to make a coherent mixture. Use this mixture with plenty of paint Almshiduchh lips.
Cocoa butter to refine the lips and treatment of cracks:Ingredients:6 teaspoons cocoa butter.2 | 1 teaspoon grated wax honey.Preparation and use:Heated beeswax with cocoa butter on low heat with continuous stirring until the mixture melts .. When consolidating the mixture, is used to paint the lips using a brush (soft brush).This product is to refine and polish the lips .. It also resists the emergence of cracks or Alakecv them.
Beauty+ mouth+, teeth+ and +lips

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The Hows and Whats of Skin Tanning With Safe and Effective Methods

The Hows and Whats of Skin Tanning With Safe and Effective Methods

The overexposure to the sun can lead to skin tanning for most people. Usually, the ultraviolet rays enter the skin and break down the DNA in the body. In return, the body starts producing melanin (skin darkening agent) in order to prevent further damage. The melanin protects the whole body from the overexposure of the sunlight. A skin with more melanin becomes dark and stays protected from the sunburn. So, if you are one of those who spend a lot of time in the sun, you are at less risk of getting any sunburn. Experts suggest that self tanning is something that you should gradually do by spending only few minutes in the sun with right sort of sunscreen protection. The melanin is produced in the cells, melanocytes, when the sunlight penetrates the skin. But there are some people, whose skin does not produce enough melanin on its own. As a result, their skin becomes oversensitive to the sunlight and cause problems. They should protect their skin with some sunscreen before moving out. Though everyone has almost same number of melanocytes available in their body, only a few people with skin type above I, have sufficient melanin produced by the melanocytes to tan their bodies.
The melanocyte produces two pigments eumelanin (brown in colour) and phaeomelanin (yellow or red in colour). This can be seen in people with red hair, who have more of phaeomelanin than eumelanin. People with fair skin have very less melanin produced in their skin and it is only produced when they come out in sun. This is why an individual who can tan his or her skin fairly well may get a fairly white skin when not exposed to the sun. Tanning without any exposure to the sun is also known as self tanning. It can be achieved with the help of sprays, lotions, and chemical based creams. People have now become more open to this type of tanning due to associated high risk of skin cancer and wrinkles with overexposure to sun. proto-col Tanning Lotion is an effective choice of many people in this category to attain an effect similar to that resulting from a natural suntan. The nutrients in this lotion prepare your skin to get tanned under the sun without much exposure to the harmful UV rays. This lotion also helps in enhancing the production of melanin in your body for fast and effective tanning in a considerable amount of time.
Let's look at some of the effective sun-tanning tips that may help you take appropriate steps to reap safe and effective results from numerous products available on the market for self tanning:
Exfoliation of the skin is something that you should perform before using any lotion or cream for self-tanning. As a result, the excess body oils and the dead skin cells are removed, which otherwise can lead to improper absorption of these topical products. In order to maintain the pH level of the skin, you can use a mild soap. Using proto-col Boost Capsules can help in the production of the melanin to get desired results of tanning.
Moisturising the skin is the next step that is necessary with a good water-based moisturiser. As the oil can interfere with absorption ability of the skin, you should avoid using oil-based moisturisers.

The +Hows +and +Whats +of Skin +Tanning+ With +Safe +and Effective +Methods

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