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Treatment of depression

Introduction- Feelings of sadness are normal sensations experienced by each person to a certain degree in his life.- The depression is a psychological state in which feelings so much that negatively impact on daily activities.- And depression is one of the most common mental problems.- Depression affects women twice as affects men.- Depression often disappears automatically after a few days or weeks, but in other cases may require specialized support and assistance, may require persons who suffer from severe depression to be admitted so as not to cause tremendous harm to themselves.- Depression is part of the full spectrum of the different moods experienced by the people, we are all going through times of happiness and Ouhzn often reflected on the feelings and feel.- And feeling sad is normal from time to time, but that has become a constant feeling of becoming depressed, and this indicates the presence of some deficiency in the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which makes it imperative to do something about.Similarly, we both feel periods of pride and activity, but it became such a case a permanent and activity was excessive, or what is known as manic mania, it means that your job mental suffering from the disorder and call for medical help to restore the functions of the mind and behavior to normal.

Signs and symptoms of depression
- Apathy and indifference in general.- Low levels of activity continuously.- Back pain.- Lasting grief.- The weakness in the memory.- Headache.- Disorder of the stomach.- A bad mood constantly.- Inability to cope with difficulties.- Insomnia or waking up early in the morning (although some tend to over-sleep).- Loss of interest in sex.- Loss of appetite (although some may jittery excessive appetite for food).- Loss of concentration- Lack of self-esteem.- The feeling of guilt.- Concern.- Whispers irresponsible and fake shadows and irrational ideas- Think of self-harm.- Agitation and physical instability.

Surveys revealed depression
If you were not sure Do you have depression or not, bring paper and answer the following questions yes or no:
1. I feel sad and depressed most of the time.2. I do not enjoy things as it was in the past.3. I thought of suicide.4. I feel that I do not have the benefit of no one needs me.5. Lose weight.6. I suffer from insomnia long term.7. I much traffic I can not stay constant.8. My mind is not a serenity that I used it.9. I feel tired for no reason.10. I feel hopeless about the future.
The result: -- If you answered yes to the first and second questions you may suffer from major depression- If you answered yes to at least two questions from Questions 4 to 10 you may suffer from a slight depression (preferably a doctor)- If you answered yes to question 3 contact your doctor immediately.

Causes of depression
- During periods of major life transition, such as divorce or moving from a period of exhausting to the age of majority.- Pressure very nervous.- To live with other family members living with depression.- He often people with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and other psychiatric disorders of depression.- Loss or death of a loved one or close to us.- Problems in relations with others.- Poor health.- Take care of the health of people for long periods.- Problems and financial problems.- Problems related to work.- Disputes still outstanding- Accumulation of problems to the extent that it can not be borne by the person.- Factors Ktdna physiological levels of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism).- Hormonal problems that can occur after childbirth or during menopause.- Factors related to lifestyle Kalasrav in alcohol or drug abuse.- Can appear suddenly without depression are no factors that are clear and this is known as endogenous depression.- There is evidence that some people genetically inclined to depression posed by an incident or set of events.

Treated without drugs
- It is important to seek the advice of your doctor if you suffer from ongoing depression, it is necessary also to all of the thought of suicide to seek medical help immediately.- May find it helpful for you to consider some outstanding issues in your mind with your doctor, or perhaps with one close to you, and often benefit the treatment people listen to your problems without the neutral to be judged or criticized.
- The doctor suggests that you help from one of the sponsors of a doctor or psychiatrist advised to study the Haltkn despite the fact that there are a lot of overlap between these two approaches,Valenasah usually tends to focus on your feelings and help you to understand, while the psychiatrist seeks to change negative patterns of thinking and guide them in a more positive curve.- The support from different factions can be useful to provide family and friends present a source of support and encouragement and daily assistance, however, not every person lucky enough to enjoy even Uncle and care in times like these.

Treatment of depression, antidepressant drugs
Your doctor may prescribe a course of therapeutic anti-depression drugs in compliance with psychiatric treatment, and works of these drugs that are available to modify the patterns of many balance of chemicals in the brain.
The following are the three main Nzkralviat of antidepressant drugs:1 - re Alserotin optional inhibitors SSRIs2 - Secretary of the single-inhibitors MAOIs Alawksidiz3 - antidepressants are not smooth annular structure (tricyclic antidepressants) HCAs
We come now to the details:
Class I: re Alserotin optional inhibitors SSRIsIt works to strengthen the activity of the neurotransmitter serotonin by delaying nerve endings re-capture it again
To understand the mechanism Look at the picture below:Image caption above:May have Balxitab with trace amounts of the neurotransmitter "serotonin" is available to activate the brain cells.Along the right end of a release of serotonin neurons.And reflects some of the serotonin synapse and activates the second cell.The cell and re-sent the message Alathbyh also absorb some of the new serotonin, depriving him of the receiving cell.Do not get the latter on the adequacy of it.In the left who shall inhibitor of serotonin re-optional (such as fluoxetine), slowing down the absorption process Aaajh sent to the serotonin cell will increase the amount of serotonin available to the equilibrium cell is attributable
The best known inhibitors commonly used:* Fluoxetine.* Albaroxatin.* Sertraline.
These inhibitors are not effective Class III (ie, antidepressants heterogeneous)Like other antidepressants usually take several weeks to reach full effectiveness.
And their side effects:* Irritability.* Delayed ejaculation and reach the peak of ecstasy.* Weakening of sexual desire and arousal.Preferably taking the medication in the morning because it may work on the sleep disorder if taken just before going to bed.
Class II: inhibitors of mono Secretary Alawksidiz MAOIsThese disincentives are rarely the first choice in the treatment of depression because of possible serious side effectsBut are useful in the treatment of those who did not improve their depression with the use of other drugs, especially people with panic disorder.The side effects of these inhibitors:* Dizziness.* Insomnia.* Impotence.* Raise the blood pressure seriously the people who eat foods containing tyramine, such as pickles and some types of cheese.But do not worry, there are two types of the damper:1 - inhibitors need to avoid foods containing tyramine are:* Alvenizein.* Turanielsabromen.* Aloazocarboksazad.2 - inhibitors do not need to risk of tyramine-containing foods:* Salagelan.* Moklopamaid.
Class III: antidepressants are not smooth annular structure (tricyclic antidepressants) HCAsAnd working to strengthen the force of the carriers are nervous Alnorabnfren brain, serotonin,This product should be taken up at night because it is hypnotic
Side effects include:* Weight gain.* Constipation.* Difficulty urinating.* Postural hypotension (dizziness due to low volume Tdf blood to the brain when standing or sitting in bed suddenly).* The third Aalsnf this is not prescribed for heart patients because they cause heart rhythm disturbance.
Note: loggerheads side effects for different species, this may change the type of medication your doctor if the latest harmful side effects.
The mention of these drugs is commonly described for patients:* Alomaterbtelin.* Aldoxaben.* Albrocrathblan.
And usually start working within a few weeks,If we make a comparison between this product and the first category we find that the third category have the same effectiveness to the first category, which is less expensive but more serious side effects from the first category.
And your doctor will choose a property fits your situation and your needs.Despite the advantages of good for this drug such as improving sleep, which is noted immediately after starting treatment, it requires at least two weeks to start working to improve the mood.
But there may be some side effects when you start addressed is:- Dry in the mouth.- Rash.- Dizziness.- Constipation.- Rampage.

If these side effects bother you, you should contact your doctor who may prescribe an alternative medication more convenient for you.Whether antidepressants take effect until the improvement, and the patient gradually regains its ability to deal with the problems of life.It is recommended most doctors a patient taking antidepressants for four to six months at least, depends the decision to stop taking the medicine on how well the patient's response and among other factors, but if you have been causal factors of depression, the same or must the advice was distressing somewhat It is usually best to wait until the factors before thinking better to stop taking the drug.The antidepressants do not eliminate the ability to sense the spectrum of the natural feelings of humanity, as they do not cause addiction, and is often confused with the people I come addictive sedatives and does not help to overcome the Alxitab.

- Can increase the effectiveness of any treatment for depression in many cases paying attention to lifestyle and daily routine.- It is important to do a lot of exercise daily, preferably in the outdoors (sports nicotine from the body release a chemical anti-depressants)- Must be healthy food.- And it is also important to fill each day's activities are fun and interesting but should not be too much of them.- Communicating with friends and chat with them can also help in the face of depression.

Treatment and alternative medicine
First: aromatherapy:Can be useful essential oils to improve mood and calm nerves and alleviate depression, such as jasmine, bergamot and lavender and sage, rose, chamomile,Add a few drops of these oils to the bathroom or place the oil in a bowl of hot water to perfume the room or you can put a few drops of essential oil on a cloth handkerchief and inhale the smell.
Second: herbal remedies:Herbal therapy can also be helpful:A - rosemary tea helps in alleviating the frustration,Place a tablespoon of dried rosemary leaves and ground in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then a row before drinking tea.B - can tea herb borage herb or herb or John Verbena to raise morale:Place a tablespoon of dried herb in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then a row marinade.Third: On Treatment of reflex:Click on any one of the reflex points shown in the picture below for about a minute, and repeat the same movement in the other foot.Explanation of the image: -- Getting the three points of the head and at the bottom of the big toe of the foot: at the base and the outer edge and the upper end of the finger.- To increase relaxation Click on the solar plexus point next to the foot bump.- To alleviate the frustration Click on the cusp foot, near the solar plexus, to stimulate the adrenal glands.
Fourth, treatment pressure by hand:To alleviate the frustration, use the index finger of the pumping gently in the groove above the upper lip and under the nose for a period of minutes.((See picture below))

Other important tips in the treatment of depression
- Closer to God by:A - maintain the five daily prayers and redundancy.B - a lot of reading the Koran.T - a lot of reading the prayers and supplications remind you of this:(I'm your servant, your servant, son of Your handmaid, my forelock is your hand, your verdict in the past, in taking the justice, I ask You by every name which You have called yourself or revealed in Your Book, or You taught to any of Your creation or accounted for in the knowledge of the Unseen with You make the Quran the spring of my heart, and the light of my chest and evident grief and go placebo)(I seek refuge in You from worry and sadness and helplessness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, and side of religion and the predominance of men)(There is no god but Allah, the Great Halim, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the Mighty Throne, there is no god but Allah, Lord of heaven Lord of earth and Lord of the holy throne)((O mercy I hope, not to myself Tklna blink of an eye, and fix me all my business, there is no god but You))(There is no god but You Glory I was of the oppressors)(Allah is my Lord is not brought on by something)(Oh God, I reformed religion, who is married to my command, and in life in which my pension, and that the anti Akhrta, and make my life increase in all the best, and death, comfort me from all evil).C - to do good works.- Out of your heart envy and rancor and hatred and enmity.- I turn yourself useful work and read books.- Forget the past and the sorrows and the future and his delusions and cared for the present only.- Look who is the dunk, and I thank God for everything.- Grow in your mind the idea that the short life of the world is not wrought with patience and sadness.- Because you have something stuck or work Vonhia Ahsmi and as soon as it becomes even your interest in the future other things more focused.- Sit down with yourself a little bit and look for the immediate causes of this anxiety, tension, anxiety, grief, tried to solve by yourself and if you can not consult your friends or your fellow bigger you with the most experience in life.

Long-term view of the situation
In most cases of depression go away without treatment or by supportive therapy and discuss the situation with the advisor and / or medication.You

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