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What are the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and how it can be treated

QuestionWhat are the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and how it can be treated 

The answerHomred chronic organic disease and not affect the proportion of between 30-40% of the people and affects women more than men
In the case of infection, the patient is suffering from diarrhea or constipation or diarrhea alternating with constipation and accompanied by pain, the patient feels that the process of defecation is not and he needs to defecate again. The patient suffers from abdominal pain, bloating and feeling, and in many cases, these symptoms cause discomfort for patients and may prevent him from exercising his usual daily form.
The diagnosis depends on a detailed medical history and clinical examination flour, as well as some of the tests because of the importance of the story in the pathological diagnosis for this patient should be recorded both large and small, without symptoms of neglect mentioned by the doctor to listen to the story is sick.
To reduce disturbances caused him and Prevention advised to follow the following guidelines:
Away from sources of tension and emotion, and avoidance of physical and psychological stress, and to ensure that master the art of relaxation
Enjoy the comfort and the organization of working hours, sleep and rest, and the separation of the concerns of working from home and vice versa
Exercise on a regular basis. Avoid foods that the patient feels that caused him trouble the foods that reduce turbulence and saves them, they include various vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber beneficial for the body.
About, try eating five small meals a day within the specified dates, and should chew food well and not to rush to eat the food and avoid annoying conversations and discussions while eating, and to refrain from adding spices and spicy foods or sharp.In addition, there are some drugs that help the patient and the doctor as a treatment for diarrhea or constipation and digestive disorders troubling.
Of course, drugs can not solve the problem that is not already comply with the guidance and lifestyle change for the better

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