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The Hows and Whats of Skin Tanning With Safe and Effective Methods

The Hows and Whats of Skin Tanning With Safe and Effective Methods

The overexposure to the sun can lead to skin tanning for most people. Usually, the ultraviolet rays enter the skin and break down the DNA in the body. In return, the body starts producing melanin (skin darkening agent) in order to prevent further damage. The melanin protects the whole body from the overexposure of the sunlight. A skin with more melanin becomes dark and stays protected from the sunburn. So, if you are one of those who spend a lot of time in the sun, you are at less risk of getting any sunburn. Experts suggest that self tanning is something that you should gradually do by spending only few minutes in the sun with right sort of sunscreen protection. The melanin is produced in the cells, melanocytes, when the sunlight penetrates the skin. But there are some people, whose skin does not produce enough melanin on its own. As a result, their skin becomes oversensitive to the sunlight and cause problems. They should protect their skin with some sunscreen before moving out. Though everyone has almost same number of melanocytes available in their body, only a few people with skin type above I, have sufficient melanin produced by the melanocytes to tan their bodies.
The melanocyte produces two pigments eumelanin (brown in colour) and phaeomelanin (yellow or red in colour). This can be seen in people with red hair, who have more of phaeomelanin than eumelanin. People with fair skin have very less melanin produced in their skin and it is only produced when they come out in sun. This is why an individual who can tan his or her skin fairly well may get a fairly white skin when not exposed to the sun. Tanning without any exposure to the sun is also known as self tanning. It can be achieved with the help of sprays, lotions, and chemical based creams. People have now become more open to this type of tanning due to associated high risk of skin cancer and wrinkles with overexposure to sun. proto-col Tanning Lotion is an effective choice of many people in this category to attain an effect similar to that resulting from a natural suntan. The nutrients in this lotion prepare your skin to get tanned under the sun without much exposure to the harmful UV rays. This lotion also helps in enhancing the production of melanin in your body for fast and effective tanning in a considerable amount of time.
Let's look at some of the effective sun-tanning tips that may help you take appropriate steps to reap safe and effective results from numerous products available on the market for self tanning:
Exfoliation of the skin is something that you should perform before using any lotion or cream for self-tanning. As a result, the excess body oils and the dead skin cells are removed, which otherwise can lead to improper absorption of these topical products. In order to maintain the pH level of the skin, you can use a mild soap. Using proto-col Boost Capsules can help in the production of the melanin to get desired results of tanning.
Moisturising the skin is the next step that is necessary with a good water-based moisturiser. As the oil can interfere with absorption ability of the skin, you should avoid using oil-based moisturisers.

The +Hows +and +Whats +of Skin +Tanning+ With +Safe +and Effective +Methods

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