Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty without makeup

Beauty without makeup
300 and a recipe from your natural beauty experts
Hair, skin and nails, eyes and teeth

I liked this book I am offering you

Content of this book


Beauty without makeup

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Fruits and vegetables
Herbs and plants
Means a beauty in your kitchen
25 essential oils
The art of health care and the beauty of hair
Types of feeling and ways to take care of
Hair Nutrition
Liquid shampoos
Dry shampoos
Rinse hair
To Sion and supplements for hair
Balsam and stabilizers
Hair dyes
Art beauty care face and skin
Types of leather and how to care for the
Nourish the skin
Moisturizing cream
Creams cleaned
Pharmaceutical nutrients and refreshing and Holding
Cleansers Rub (itching)
Pulp and To Sion for removing freckles
Use of milk for skin care
Beauty masks (Catcher)
Art Beauty body preparations Nature
Baths Oils
Herbal baths
Vinegar baths
111 milk baths
Recipes from natural oils to paint the body
Make your own soap to clean and beautify the skin
Care of the beauty of the neck 120
Beauty hands and nails
Beauty and pain feet by the
Recipes selected to the beauty of your eyes
Beauty mouth, teeth and lips
Recipes for the preparation of perfumes
Paints for the treatment of sunburn
Oils to prevent skin damage from exposure to the sun

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