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What is alternative medicine and complementary medicine?

"Alternative Medicine & Complementary Medicine

- Is there a difference between these two types of medicine? Before answering this question, there are many other questions should be preceded by: What is traditional medicine in the first place "Traditional Medicine"? What is the definition of alternative medicine and complementary medicine? Is there a difference between alternative medicine and complementary medicine or are two sides of one coin? Is alternative medicine and complementary medicine are safe in use, is this type of medicine addresses the symptoms of diseases and medical Is it effective?Whether alternative medicine or complementary medicine they are not part of traditional medicine that addresses the disease with drugs and medicines despite the use of some of their methods (which proved to be effective) in traditional medicine, and here is the relationship between them.

- The definition of traditional medicine - Traditional Medicine:
Is the practice of medicine by a doctor-winning academic degree in medicine, which includes all categories and disciplines of its practitioners, practice nurses, specialists, doctors and all disciplines.

- Definition of Alternative Medicine-Alternative Medicine:

Uses the place of traditional medicine and any irreplaceable example on alternative medicine, we find that alternative therapy is used for example when a specific diet to treat cancer instead of surgery or radiation or chemotherapy, which is recommended by conventional medicine.

- Definition of Medicine CMOS - Complementary Medicine:
Complementary medicine is used with traditional medicine and supplemented by any example, we find that complementary medicine complementary therapy is using aromatherapy (fragrance) to ease the pain of the patient after surgery.

- Definition of Comprehensive Medicine (integrated) - Integrative Medicine:
Is the kind of medicine, which combines the methods of medical treatments and complementary and alternative medicine, which achieved the highest scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness in the treatment.

* Types of remedies in alternative medicine:

- Acupuncture - (Acupuncture):

Chinese acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, and was brought up in China for more than 500 years ago. And acupuncture treatment depends on the Chinese living there have a vital energy called (Qi), which rotate in the invisible energy lines, which are the body and up to (12), known as (Meridians)

- Medical Aloarovidy - (Ayurveda Medicine):

Medicine is to determine the quality of natural food as objects. Aloarovidy Medicine is a branch of alternative medicine, and a natural systems of medicine used food and herbs, yoga and astronomy that address or prevent disease. The back of this medicine in India since at least 5.000 years ago and still exists until now

- Alcaaroberaktic - (Chiropractic Therapy):

"Alcaaroberaktic" is the treatment focuses on the relationship between the spine and nervous system and the impact of this relationship to good health. The purpose of treatment, "Eerpraktic" is the correct spine to restore the natural function of the nervous system to deal with any pain and therefore allows the body's self Bmdaoh

- Programs to get rid of body toxins - (Detoxification programs):

Programs aimed at ridding the body of toxins to the use of diets and foods to support human health and even works to treat certain medical conditions

- Aromatherapy - (Aromatherapy):

Aromatic oils concentrated, so it is important to know how to use them in exact proportions to bring you security. The risks that may be exposed to the person with the use of essential oils depends on the materials that make up the oils and the dose and frequency of use of oil and the method developed, and these are some important instructions on how safe and effective use of essential oils

- Fasting in alternative medicine - (Fasting):

Fasting is a natural remedy for many health problems and problems, Animals instinctively fast when ill. When a person fasts Aftaqth renewed and become more active, it is natural and important treatment for many medical problems and life but a way of prevention. Most of the unrest that address the fast those caused by eating too much and not those that result from poor nutrition, some chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and heart disease

- Treatment with flowers - (Flower Remedies):

This type of treatment as "treatment of Bach flowers - Bach Flower Remedies", and is in a range of herbal remedies (38 species of flowers). In which each type of flowers to re-balance the negative situations of feeling, mind and improve public health through the vibration of flowers

- Herbal Medicine - (Herbal Medicine):

More branches of alternative medicine is commonly used herbal medicine or herbal medicine, Vtaatadd types of herbs and their uses and purposes ... There on the surface of the Earth more than 750,000 plants and only a few were conducted by the research and study are always focus on the study of active ingredients in the plant rather than study the medicinal properties of each plant. We find that the natural medicine is not like drug manufacturers are taking more time to come its effectiveness

- Macrobiotic - (Macrobiotic Diet):

"Macrobiotic" is food, which is based on balancing the negative and positive in order to balance the vital energy. This system is based on food a little food in the percentage of fat is high in fiber and to improve health and prevent cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases

- Health of mind and body - (Mind & Body Health):

And recognizes the types of treatment here that the health of the body starts from the mind and health, which can be trained in many ways in order to have a healthy body Osahaha

- Medical Food - (Nutritional Medicine):

Foods healthy diet food in Medicine Program as one of the branches of alternative medicine, do not discuss the food groups in the food pyramid, but rather is an assessment of specific foods in the food groups and their benefits. We find that foods vary over the corners of the globe and around the world depending on the climate and soil conditions and nature of

- Alostiobaty (orthopedic treatment) - (Osteopathy):

Medicine is a special philosophy of "full person," which embraces the practitioners or doctors treating him the way the person completely, not only in relation to his complaint. And gives attention to help the body to cure itself, where they look to the human body as one unit or one member and there is a focus on the mechanics of the body and the relations of members of overlapping and organs of the body too, but there is a particular focus on the skeleton of the body where doctors use manual therapy to the muscles and bones, with or instead of traditional treatment of drugs and surgery in order to enjoy sound health person


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